Welcome to Study Association Esperia!

Welcome to Study Association Esperia’s website!

Esperia is the study association related to European Languages and Cultures at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Here you can find general information about the association, its committees and activities and study-related books. If you are a member of Esperia, you can create an account to gain access to the member’s content.

Would you like to know what Esperia is up to? Keep an eye on the websites calendar or head over to our Facebook and our Instagram account! If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, you can still get updates on our events by joining our WhatsApp group.

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For questions about membership, sponsorship, or anything else, please contact us via bestuur@svesperia.nl.


October 2020

  • 5th of October: Lecture by Grimm und Kluge
  • 6th of October: Dance Workshop with Blue Toes
  • 13th of October: Oktoberfest Social by Grimm und Kluge
  • 14th of October: Online Cocktail Workshop by the Accie
  • 19th of October: Language Café by the Languagecie
  • 22th of October: Studying Europe Lecture by the Academicie
  • 27th of October: Oktoberfest Social 2 by Grimm und Kluge
  • 29th of October: Elective Event