333/555 Challenge!

333/555 Challenge!

Dear Esperians,

We think everyone has heard of the 555 challenge by now and we have decided to join in on this for with our association as well! But we would like to raise money specifically for one good cause, namely ‘Stichting Dementietafel’, the charity of the Charicie this year.

For the people who are not familiar with the challenge it will work as follows: you run 5 km (in our case you may also cycle, walk, rollerskate, whatever you are comfortable with as long as you move for 5 km), donate 5 euros to ‘Dementietafel’ through the Google Form below, post this on your Instagram Story and tag 5 other people to do the challenge as well. And if you tag Esperia too, you will get featured in our story! You may also choose to do a 333 challenge instead, so move for 3 km, donate 3 euros and tag 3 people.
This way we hope to raise some money because we could definitely use it for our amazing charity!

Join the challenge here: https://forms.gle/xUvPGtkVTaZ8Z5G78

Please join, no need to be a Sporty Spice!

Lots of love and stay safe,
The Charicie and the Accie.

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