Almanac Committee
The Almanaccie is a brand-new committee of Esperia! An Almanac is a yearbook for an association. The Almanac Committee will be working on putting together an Almanac and will present the Almanac at the end of the academic year. It will capture the activities and members of Esperia last year. You can think of a recap of the annual trip, interviews, committees, fun facts about Esperians, the best pictures made during the year, you name it! 

The Almanaccie 2018-2019 consists of:

  • Midas Bosman – Chairman
  • Michiel van Hedel – Secretary
  • Rolf Hoitzing – Treasurer
  • Femke Steman – Vice-chairman & lead writer
  • Mark Pol – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Eva van Balen – Commissioner of Promotion

The Almanaccie can be reached via