Almanac Committee
The Almanaccie is a new committee of Esperia! In the academic year of 2018-2019, the Almanaccie was created in order to make the first Esperia Almanac (yearbook). This year, they will be working on the second edition; it will capture the activities and members of Esperia throughout this academic year. You can think of a recap of the annual trip, interviews, committees, fun facts about Esperians, the best pictures made during the year; you name it! 

The Almanaccie 2019-2020 consists of:

  • Celine Zwijsen – Chairman
  • Emma Tenbergen – Secretary
  • Marcel Wörner – Treasurer
  • Merlyn Arifin – Commissioner of Aquisition & Vice-chairman
  • Maud Reimink – Commissioner of Promotion
  • Tessa Kingma – General member

The Almanaccie can be reached via

A message from the Almanaccie:

Dear Esperians,

the Almanac Committee is the committee that makes the yearbook of Esperia. You choose (with your fellow committee members) a certain theme and you create the almanac surrounding this theme. You can interview teachers or other people surrounding your theme or active members of Esperia. It is all up to you! If you want to express your creativity, the Almanac Committee is the one!
– Céline, chairwoman of the Almanaccie ’19-’20

Would you like to join this committee? Send your motivation letter to between Monday the 7th of September until Sunday the 28th of September to apply for the Almanak Committee.