The association

We are Esperia, the study association for students of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen. Esperia was founded in 2013 to create more bonding between the students of the, at the time, new study ELC. We started from scratch and have grown to a blooming association with a large network and active committees and members. Esperia often collaborates with other organizations and associations to offer a broad and interesting scala of activities to her members. Given how young the association is, we are proud of all that Esperia has organised in such a short time. From our first year onwards, we have had an excursion abroad, and a lot of different academic and social activities. Esperia is an active association and holds the ambitions to grow and add to the lives of students of ELC. Follow us on Facebook for updates and upcoming activities, or see our calendar here. Any questions? Mail us: