Join a committee!

Joining a committee with Esperia enables you to make to friends and gather new experiences. You will work closely with your committee members in organising activities. For the Activities Committee, think of the monthly socials and the final barbecue. Not only will you make incredible friends, you will also improve skills, such as multitasking, planning and sticking to your planning!
By becoming an active member, you will get to know the welcoming association Esperia is, inside and out! The biggest pro of all? Being able to go to the active members weekend. A weekend full of weird questions and a lot of fun.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact our Commissioner of Internal Affairs at

Mila Vroom- Academic Committee ’17-’18
“ You make the biggest of friends, learn how to collaborate, but more importantly? You get to know yourself a whole lot better.”

Merlyn Arifin- Travel Committee ’15-’16 and ’17-‘18
“You learn things/acquire skills you wouldn’t when you’d only study”

Michiel Strijbosch- Activities Committee ’16-‘17
“ I personally loved the ambiance of this committee and think the Accie is a great way to stay involved with the association. Oh yeah, it also looks really good on your resumé!”

Franka Duijm- Activities committee ’16-‘17
“ I met so many amazing new people and thought it was extremely nice to be part of a committee!”