Activities Committee
The Accie is in charge of the monthly socials and social activities, which often take place at our local bar; De Doos. The committee consists of six to eight members and that makes it one of the biggest committees within Esperia. Its main goal is to bring the ELC students closer together through fun activities. The Accie organizes all sorts of different activities, sometimes just a random activity, or sometimes an activity will have the theme of a certain holiday.

The Accie of 2017-2018 consists of:

  • Jana Schreurs – Chairman
  • Chelsea van Rijsingen – Vice-chairman
  • Jaidy-Sam Tanck – Secretary
  • Amber Tieck – Treasurer
  • Vera Spanjer – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Sami Beedham – Commissioner of Promotion

The Accie can be reached via