Activities Committee
The Accie is in charge of the monthly socials and social activities, which often take place at our local bar; Café De Doos. Its main goal is to bring the ELC students and Esperians closer together through fun activities. The Accie organizes all sorts of different activities; it could be a themed party, an activity related to Esperia’s spearheads or even a random activity.

The Accie of 2019-2020 consists of:

  • Sterre Lutterop – Chairman
  • Gerjanne Tichelaar – Secretary
  • Erik Groenendijk – Treasurer
  • Sander van Duin – Commissioner of Acquisition

The Accie can be reached via

A message from the Accie:

Dear Esperians,

My name is Sterre and I was the chairwoman of the Accie last year. The Accie is the committee that organizes all the socials throughout the year and some other fun activities. We came up with a theme and then decorated the bar every month. The socials are a lot of fun to organize, since so many Esperians show up and have a great time there, so the socials are THE place to socialize with everyone.
We also got to organize other things we wanted to do, like a pub crawl and a pub quiz. When we still could, we usually had our meetings with some pizza and some beers in a bar, which was a lot of fun.
This committee is great to meet as many Esperians as possible and the Accie is also always a super fun committee, because we get to do all the activities together, so we see each other all the time.
This year we had to be flexible of course, because corona. So we switched to online activities, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We played online games likes, JackBox Games and many many more.
So if you want to get to know other Esperians and you want to organize the amazing things we are going to do next year, sign up for the Accie!

– Sterre Lutterop, chairwoman of the Accie ’19-‘20

Would you like to join this committee? Send your motivation letter to between Monday the 7th of September until Sunday the 28th of September to apply for the Activity Committee.