Join a committee 2018/2019

Join a committee 2018/2019

On this page we will introduce our committees. Each day we will add one committee, up until the 10th of September! From the 11th of September up until the 23rd of September you can apply for all of these committees!


The Activitities committee

Here is something Amber Tieck (Accie ‘17/’18 member) wants to say about the Activities Committee:

“Dear Esperians! Do you want to be at the heart of Esperia? Meet new people? Apply for the Activities Committee. Every month you’ll get the chance to determine the theme of our socials and organize more different activities throughout the year. Applying for the Activities Committee means a good reason to eat and chill together with your committee members!”

The Editorial committee

Here is something Timon van Schie (Editorcie ‘17/’18 member) wants to say about the Editorial Committee:

“Always wanted to warm the hearts of your fellow Esperians? In the Editorcie you can do so, not once, but three times. The Editorcie publishes the magazine, the ETCetera, three times per year and these are made with some real koalaty love. It is one of the best feelings you can get as an active member of Esperia: to see an Esperian walk away with a sparkle in their eye and tears of happiness after you just handed out a fresh ETCetera to them. If you want to explore your inner journalist and like writing small pieces of texts/puzzles/poems/quotes/riddles, this committee will suit you. One small disadvantage for Dutch people: the word enzovoort is forbidden, for obvious reasons.”

The Hitchhiking Committee

The Hitchhiking Committe organizes a hitchhiking competition to a European city with members from Esperia as well as from EPU and TW!ST. They will spend two nights at the destination and several activities will be organized.

Eva van Balen on the Hitchhiking Committee ( Hitchhiking Committee ‘17/’18 member):

“In my opinion, being part of an Esperian committee has only big advantages. Besides the fact that it teaches you how to work together, it is mostly a lot of fun. Earlier this year I was the commissioner of promotion of the Hitchhiking Committee, which was a great experience. The Hitchhiking Committee (or Liftcie), organises the annual hitchhiking weekend, together with study associations EPU and TW!ST. The thing I like the most about being part of the Hitchhiking Committee is that I had to work with people of other study associations and because of that I met a lot of new people and this is something I really like!”

The Travel Committee

Laura Jark (Travel Committee member ‘16/’17 and ‘17/’18) on the Travel Committee:

”From the moment I joined Esperia, I knew that I wanted to become more involved and become an active member to help organize great activities for all of us. I therefore decided to join a committee right from the start of my studies in ELC and it has been one of the best decisions I made. Working together so closely with a group of people has taught me a lot about myself and my abilities but also about teamwork. It has given me the chance to get to know my fellow Esperians far better and made the experiences I made within the association that much more special. I have been part of the last two Travel Commitees which has been the ideal choice for me. I love to travel and discover new places, so why not do it with a whole bunch of crazy fun people at a time?! Of course there are challenging moments since this committee basically organizes one huge activity that a lot of people are looking forward to, but it also makes for a special bond within the group and having your committee members there to support you every step of the way is very reassuring so that you never have to face a task alone.
After two years as an active member I can only recommend it to everyone to become active as well because it only enriches you and your study life and I can honestly say that I am sad not to be able to join a committee this year due to my exchange semester.”

The Academic Committee

As of this year Esperia is renewing its Academic Committee. Do you want to be part of a fun committee and contribute to the renewal of Esperia? Apply for the Academic Committee! You will organize an activity per month and all of these activities will be somehow related to the studies, so get creative! Not only will you get a great reason to eat dinner with your committee once a week, you will also be part of the most exciting study association of Groningen actively. You can always ask Mila Vroom (Academicie ‘17/’18 member) about her experience with the Academic Committee!

The Party Committee

Tessa Kingma (Party Committee ‘16/’17 member) on the Party Committee:

“I am a third year student of ELC. For the past years I have been active within Esperia. I did several committees and one of them is the Party Committee, a committee I really love. Because the committee was a new one, we were free to fill in the committee ourselves. There were a few parties planned beforehand, for example the annual gala, but we were also able to organise other parties or socials with other study associations. Especially the mix parties were amazing to organise, because we got to know more people of other study associations. For every mix party a committee is installed so one member of the Party Committee will be responsible with other students from the other associations to organize the mix party. The Party Committee is the best way to get to know different students from different associations!”

The Charity Committee

Emma, committee member of the Charity Committee last year, wants to tell you more about this committee.

“Hi guys! My name is Emma and I had the great honour of being the chair(wo)man of Esperia’s Charicie the past year. Although the charicie was part of the Accie for some time, last year we formed a separate committee again with my 3 other committee members. The aim of the Charicie is to raise money for a charity. This year we picked VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (a Dutch charity that helps refugees). Together with my committee members, we worked on several activities; some were already set, but we also came up with some activities ourselves. It is really nice to organise something from scratch, you have to think about everything, from raising money to a time and place and promotion.”

Too long didn’t read: Esperia is awesome, but even more awesome when you join one of its lovely committees.


Do you feel like joining a committee? Send your motivation letter to between Tuesday the 11th of September until Sunday the 23th of September to apply!