Language Committee
The Languagecie organises activities that are centred around the languages of the study European Languages and Cultures. Its purpose is to provide opportunities to engage with the languages and their cultures outside of the classroom environment. This committee is responsible for organising activities specifically related to the language courses that ELC provides. Think about activities with themes regarding culture, food, music etc., all to teach us more about the languages of ELC.

The Languagecie of 2019-2020 exists out of:

  • Mark van Huizen – Chairman
  • Rosalie Pureveen – Secretary
  • Jean-Paul Janssen – Treasurer
  • Mark Pol – Commissioner of Promotion
  • Marije Glas – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Annemieke Mathijsen – Vice-Chairman
  • Adriaan Wahle – General Member

You can contact the Languagecie by sending an email to

A message from the languagecie:

Dear Esperians,

My name is Mark and last year I was the chair of the Languagecie. Today I have the honour of introducing this committee to you guys and tell what it is that the Languagecie does! The Languagecie organises activities surrounding the many languages and cultures that the ELC programme offers to give the members of Esperia the opportunity to get in touch with all the different languages and cultures from our studies. This committee is the newest committee within Esperia (last year was the first time the Languagecie was installed!) and this gave us a lot of freedom when organising activities. We had a lot of great activities in mind, like a potluck dinner where everyone brings food from their major language’s culture, a workshop on making fresh pasta and we also looked into doing a workshop in salsa dancing.

Then corona came along, and we switched to online activities. We organised a foreign languages pub quiz, a (digital charades) night in everyone’s major languages, and a movie night with movies from all major languages. These activities were a lot of fun and we enjoyed organising them! We hope that next year’s Languagecie has the opportunity to organise physical activities and maybe even looks into organising some activities that we had originally planned 😉. As a final remark, I would encourage everyone to apply for a committee as it is a very open and engaging way to get to know your fellow Esperians better, as well as obtain some valuable life experiences!

Lots of love in every language,
Mark van Huizen, Chairman languagecie ’19 – ‘20

Would you like to join this committee? Send your motivation letter to between Monday the 7th of September until Sunday the 28th of September to apply for the Language Committee.