Lift committee
Just like in the last years, this committee organizes a hitchhiking competition to a European city with members from Esperia as well as from EPU and TW!ST. The committee organizes a trip in which the participants will have to hitchhike to get to the selected destination. They will spend two nights at the destination and several activities will be organized.

The Liftcie 2016-2017 consists of:

  • Eva van Balen (Esperia)
  • Eva Stegeman (TW!ST)
  • Dennis Westra (TW!ST)
  • Jim de Weijer (EPU)
  • Veerle Croonen (EPU)

Board representatives:

  • Maaike Drogt (Esperia)
  • Anna Somsen (TW!ST)
  • Rowan Meijer (EPU)

The Liftcie can be reached via