Lustrum committee
The Lustrum Committee was founded in the fourth year of Esperia’s existence, to prepare for Esperia’s fifth anniversary! During the lustrum year, the Lustrum Committee will organize a lot of extra activities to celebrate Esperia’s five-year anniversary. All activities will be in the lustrum theme: HIGH FIVE! And expect to see the Lustrum colours at the activities: blue and gold!

The Lustrum Committee 2017 – 2018 consists of:

  • Hedwig Rademaker – Chairman
  • Leonie Meijer – Secretary
  • Rolf Hoitzing – Treasurer
  • Jesse de Glint – Commissioner of Acquisition and Vice-chairman
  • Kevin Kersting – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Michiel Strijbosch – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Michiel van Hedel – Commissioner of Activities
  • Maud Reimink – Commissioner of Promotion