Editorial committee
Triannually, Esperia publishes a magazine with both amusing and serious content: the ETCetera. Different tasks are divided over the Editorcie members: writing articles, working on the lay-out, looking for sponsors, brainstorming about articles and subjects, getting in touch with the publisher and combinations of the tasks mentioned above.

The Editorcie of 2019-2020 consists of:

  • Auke Fennema – Chairman
  • Evelien Cazemier – Secretary
  • Stijn Bakker – Treasurer
  • Raoul Veenma – Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Isa Hamelink – Commissioner of Promotion
  • Bas Veldkamp – Vice-chairman & Final Editor

The Editorcie can be reached via editorcie@svesperia.nl.

A message from the Editorial Committee:

Dear reader,
It is with great joy that we may introduce you to the works of Esperia’s finest. We speak of course of the Editorcie, the yellow-clad committee responsible for composing the single greatest piece of prose in modern history: the ETCetera, Esperia’s very own magazine. As a member of Esperia, you too can join this rag-tag band of wordsmiths and help keep your fellow Esperians informed and entertained. Sounds appealing? Make sure to read on to learn about an editor’s responsibilities! The ETCetera is published triannually; there is, however, plenty of work to do throughout the year. For one, creating a magazine takes careful planning, the lack of which will lead you to two less desirable P’s: procrastination and panic. Apart from setting deadlines (and subsequently ignoring them), you’ll spend a good chunk of your Editorcie time writing and doing research – going to activities, testing items for a review, etc. On top of the aforementioned tasks, you will also be holding regular meetings, managing the logistics and financing of the publication, and, perhaps, even organising publishing events. All in all, this amounts to a cozy 2-4 hours of work per week. So what does a year as an Editorcie member offer you in return? First and clearest of all: a damn good time. Secondly: the honour of serving our great mascot/leader/prophet, Koos the Koala. On a more serious note, however, writing for the ETCetera is a great opportunity to hone your penmanship. On top of that, some may benefit greatly from having to deal with the responsibility of financing and arranging the publication of our beloved magazine. In short, there are plenty of reasons to apply! We hope to see you in the iconic yellow sweater this upcoming year! Sincerely, Your Editorcie
– Auke, chairman of the Editorial Committee ’19-‘20

Would you like to join this committee? Send your motivation letter to intern@svesperia.nl between Monday the 7th of September until Sunday the 28th of September to apply for the Editorial Committee.