Introduction Period 2022

Hello soon-to-be ELC students!!

Starting university can be both very exciting and a little bit scary. This is why we want to help you with an introduction period in which you can meet your fellow students! Our introduction committee is already preparing incredible introduction activities for you. You do not need to be a member to join the introduction activities and there will be no hazing involved. 

Introduction camp:

We start off with a spectacular introduction camp, in which we get to know each other while enjoying the beautiful island Schiermonnikoog. For more information about the introduction camp, or to sign up, you can click here!

WhatsApp group with more information:

If you are interested in any of the introduction activities and want more information, click here to become part of a WhatsApp group in which we will share more information about the introduction activities and let you know when you can sign up.

Planning introduction period 2022:

2nd – 4th of September: Introduction camp (signup link)

7th of September: Crazy 88

13th of September: Beer Yoga

22nd of September: Meet your Language

26th of September: Canoe

29th of September: End of Introduction Party

As soon as you can sign up for an activity a link will be added to this page. 

Become a member:

Being a member of Study Association Esperia comes with a lot of advantages. Discount on certain activities the association organises, a trip abroad, monthly socials and discounts at certain bars or restaurants are only a few of the advantages of Esperia. Every week something fun or interesting is organised by either one of the committees of Esperia or the board. Furthermore, you will get the chance to apply for a committee yourself and organise events yourself. Looking forward to all this? You can become a member by clicking on the ‘become a member!’ button at the top right of this website. 

Join a committee: 

Not sure if you want to join a committee yet or what being part of a committee entails? Ask one of the board members (we are wearing blue vests!) during an activity or join us on the 19th of September during the Committee Carousel and we will tell you all about it! More information about this activity will be posted in the introduction WhatsApp group and on our socials.



Instagram: @saesperia

Facebook: @SvEsperia

Linkedin: @Study Association Esperia

For any questions regarding the introduction period, you can also reach our introduction committee by sending an email to!