The Advisory Council and Confidential Advisor

The Advisory Council of the academic year 2018-2019 consists of:

Chairman, board 2017-2018:
Midas Bosman

Chairman, board 2016-2017:
Marlous Boekema

Commissioner of External Affairs, board 2016-2017:
Mark Pol

Commissioner of Internal Affairs, board 2015-2016:
Hedwig Rademaker

Member of Esperia:
Femke Steman

The Advisory Council can be contacted via


The confidential advisor of the year 2018-2019 is:

Midas Bosman,
Chairman, board 2017-2018

Members can come to the confidential advisor for personal or delicate matters that occur or have occured in the association. All cases which are entrusted to the confidential advisor will be confidential. As well as all information surrounding the cases that the confidential advisor deals with.

The confidential advisor can be contacted via