Board Stories #2

Board Stories #2

Dear Esperians,
As the applications for the next board of Esperia are up and running, we would like to inform you about the various positions within the board you can apply for! Today, Paula Möbius and Fien Visser will tell us something about their tasks.

Hello, my name is Paula Möbius and I am this year’s treasurer of Esperia. I’m 22 years old from Potsdam, Germany and lived two years in England before moving to Groningen.
My friends and family describe me as spontaneous, fun-loving, honest and reliable. In my free time, I enjoy meeting friends for coffee (or tea), working out at ACLO, travelling or spending time with my cat.
As the treasurer I am in charge of Esperias finances, meaning that I am doing the collections, dealing with invoices, working with the committees’ treasurers and taking care of the associations bookkeeping. To ensure the accuracy of the bookkeeping I am regularly meeting with the Audit Committee to check the finances of the previous month. This has taught me a lot about finances, organisation and the need for precision in some aspects of life. All in all, I have learnt a lot about not only my position but also myself and other people during my board year.

Hii, I’m Fien Visser and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of Esperia. I am 19 years old and I was born in Sneek, Friesland. I am a very enthusiastic and caring person and during my free time, I love to read and cook. So as I said, I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs; this means that I work closely with Esperia’s committees. In September and February, the applications for the committees opened and I had interviews with the applicants. Furthermore, I guide the committees when they need help or have any questions. I read the minutes to stay updated on everything or, if possible, I am present at some of the meetings. Additionally, I keep track of the Battle of Esperia by writing down which active members are present during activities and at the end of the month I send the score to the committees. I love doing all of this because I get to work with so many people and I enjoy working together with all the great committees that Esperia has. I’ve learned a lot during my board year and I’ve changed as well. I am more self-confident and proud, now I know what we, as the board achieved. Being the Commissioner of Internal Affairs has been one of my best decisions during my university life.

If you are interested in doing a board year, you can send your letters of motivation to from the 17th of March onward! If you are not sure about it yet, you can join our online board Q&A session on the 31st of March and the 8th of April.

Hope to see you then!
Much love from the board.

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