foto sara indi

Chair & Commissioner of Education – Sarah Evink

Hey! My name is Sarah and I am the current Chair and Commissioner of Education!
For issues related to the general policy you can reach me on:
The university can reach me on:

foto celien indi

Secretary & Commissioner of External Affairs – Celine Prins

Hi everyone! My name is Celine and I am the Secretary and Commissioner of External Affairs.
For issues related to registrations you can reach me on:
For collaborations, offers or sponsordeals you can reach me on:

foto roelieke indi

Treasurer – Roelieke Nijland

Hey everyone! My name is Roelieke and I am the Treasurer for the academic year of 2021-2022.

For issues related to Esperia’s finances you can reach me on:

Commissioner of internal affairs & PR – Axel Ribovici

Hi, my name is Axel and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and the Commissioner of Public Relations. The committees can reach me on:
For issues related to social media (not for sponsordeals) you can reach me on:
Furthermore, I also fulfill the position of Vice-Chair, which means that I fill in for the Chair when necessary