Esperia Discord Server!

Esperia Discord Server!

Dear Esperians!

Do you also wish to be in one big room with all your fellow Esperians, so you can communicate, have fun and just chill? Well, then you can join our Esperia Discord server! Discord is a communication platform where you can chat and call with many people at the same time. You can join different rooms on different topics, we will have, for example, a study room, a puzzling room, a Netflix party room, and a room to just chat and chill.

You can download the app on your phone, or install the programme on your computer so you can be in contact with your Esperian friends wherever and whenever you want. If you need help creating an account, do not hesitate to contact our Commissioner of Public Relations by sending her an email via You can join via this link:

See you in the chatrooms!
Much love from the board.

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