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Almanac Reveal Rebus

January 26 @ 20:00 - 21:00

Dear Esperians,

One of the languages ELC doesn’t teach is Latin, which is a shame because now not everyone might know the actual meaning behind the word “rebus”, you know, the little puzzles in which you decipher words by looking at little pictures of random things.

The Latin etymology of rebus lies in the word “res”, which means “thing”, and “rebus”, being the ablative plural declension of “res”, can literally be translated as “with the things”, and that is exactly how a rebus should be solved; with the things you see in the pictures.

So much for the Latin origins of rebus. Why all this? No, not because the members of the almanaccie are só old they actually grew up speaking Latin as their mother tongue, but rather because we would invite you all to come and join us in solving ours, which will lead you to the theme of this year’s almanac!

You see, finding a nice and suitable theme for the almanac this year was quite the puzzle for us, so why not let it be a puzzle for you to find it too? I mean, we are all language students, so we hope you can all translate what is hidden in our rebuses.

But don’t be scared, this won’t be a traumatic throwback to the infamous language puzzles presented to you in your first ELC course on linguistics from Bob de Jonge or Peter Houtzagers (so no Finnish counting system, or unknown Maya language to unravel)

Instead, we got inspired over Christmas by something much, much closer to home.
Most people who grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands probably know the yearly “Dr. Denker kerstpuzzel”(lit.: Dr. thinker Christmas puzzle) by regional newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden.

This puzzle is famous for its most interesting ways of solving all kinds of little rebuses, which in turn all lead towards a final solution. We have decided to make our own version, with the  solution leading you to our theme 🙂

We invite you all to join us, in a fun and relaxing night of puzzling after an hopefully successful exam period. You can make groups to solve the puzzles together if you want, and join us on discord on the 26th of January at 20:00, see you then!

The almanaccie

#puzzling #almanaccie #unraveling #latin


January 26
20:00 - 21:00