• Thursday the 30th of November, Beertasting, 6 pm, Martinus Brouwerij:
    BEER! That got your attention, didn’t it? Who doesn’t like a good beer? Now’s your chance to find out how our favourite golden liquid is made and we aren’t pissing around! At 6pm on Thursday the 30th of November, the Accie will take a tour around Brouwerij Martius right here in Groningen. It will cost €7 for members (€10 if you aren’t) with a delicious beer tasting thrown in for good measure. Sign up here before spaces run out!
  • Monday the 4th of December, Sinterklaas Gamenight, 7.30 pm, Harmonie:
    We decided to organise our second game night of the year on Monday the 4th of December. They are a nice distraction from all the fuss! Think about games like ‘Weerwolven’ and ’30 Seconds’. Of course you’re also free to bring your own games! The game night will take place in the Harmonie canteen. We will make sure that there will be enough soda and pepernoten present!
  • Tuesday the 12th of December, General Members Assembly, 7 pm, Harmonie:
    On behalf of the board, we would like to invite you to the General Members Assembly. The meeting will take place on the 12th of December, 19:00h. The location of the meeting is room 1312.0024 at the Harmonie building.
  • Tuesday the 12th of December, Terrible Christmans Jumper Social, 9 pm, The Doos:
    It’s almost December and, Esperians, I’m sure you know what that means (Well, apart from eating too much on Christmas, and second Christmas for the Dutch among us… and drinking too much on New Year’s Eve… Or in general). TERRIBLE CHRISTMAS JUMPER SOCIAL. Tuesday the 12th of December, 21:00h, De Doos. Bring the cringe. See you there. P.S.: Don’t forget the Esperia GMA at 19:00 or to donate to the cardboard Rolf fund, only €18 to reach our goal…
  • Thursday the 14th of December, Pub Lecture, 8 pm, Cafe-Bistro Kult:
    The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived, our very first pub lecture is coming up! The 14th of December you can enjoy an interesting and insightful lecture about Linguistics. We invite you all to join us for the pub lecture and enjoy a nice, cold drink while still gaining some new knowledge like the true scholars we are. Because it is the month of surprises, we decided to keep the lecturer a little secret, but you better believe it will be good! The lecture will start at 8 and we hope to see many of you then!
  • Wednesday the 20th of December, Annual Gala with IK and Sociëtas, 10 pm, Nightclub &zo:
    It is with pride that we present to you our annual gala in collaboration with IK and Sociëtas! As you know, the theme is to stay secret… However, there are a few things we can tell you. Date? 20th of December. Location? Nightclub &zo. Price? €22,50 for members and €25,00 for non-members. Guaranteed fun? Absolutely! We will announce the theme Friday the 1st of December, which is also when ticket-sale starts. The link for buying your ticket will be placed here as well. We are super excited, so come one and all!
  • Thurday the 15th of February till Monday the 19th of February, Lustrum trip!
    Every year Esperia goes abroad. This year the destination is Rome! There is huge interest for the trip, therefore all the spots are filled right now. However, you can still sign up for a place on the waiting list, so that you can still join if there is a cancellation. If this happens you will receive an email about this. You can sign up via the following link.