• Tuesday March 6nd, Cantus, 8 PM, Unitas
    We know you love beer. We know that you always spend hours singing in the shower. Come and do both at the same time (without the shower). Joining costs €10,- and you can sign up via this link:
  • Monday March 12th, Opening board applications
    From this day on you can apply for a position on the board! Send your motivation and resume to
  • Tuesday March 13th, General Members Assembly, 7 PM, Harmonie building, room 1312.0030
    On behalf of the board, we would like to invite you to the General Members Assembly. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Tueday March 13th, Disco In Social, 9 PM, The Doos
    It’s time for a Boogie Night, come Get Down on It with us at 21:00 on the 13th of March at De Doos and help us turn the place into a Funky Town.
  • Friday March 16th, Debate with Henk Nijboer, 19:00h, Café de Sleutel, Noorderhaven 72
    On this day, we are going to do something quite interesting, especially for the politically interested among you. We are going to have a debate with Henk Nijboer, a Dutch politician for the PvdA, as guest of honour. We hope a lot of you opinionated students would like to join us to do some sweet politically justified screaming at each other! We sure are looking forward to it. The location and time are yet to be determined, but we will keep you updated during this week! So for the time being, start writing down all your daring statements and we hope to see many of you the 16th of March.