Get your Almanac now!!

Get your Almanac now!!

Hi everyone! ☀️
Summer is nearing, and that means that we, as the Almanaccie, are working hard on assembling all the interviews, photos and quotes we’ve gathered into ONE. BIG. BOOK. 💃
Our deadlines are nearing, and so are yours! Not only your deadlines for university, but also for filling in our Google Forms. ✍️ So here is a short reminder on the links and the deadlines. Fill them in ASAP and order your almanac now! 📚

This is the form to order the almanac itself (deadline – 7th of June!) 💸

Quotes (deadline – 28th of May!) 💬

Smoelenboek/face-book (deadline – 28th of May!) 💁‍♀️

Photos (deadline – 28th of May!) 📷

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