On this page, you will find all the necessary information for the introduction camp and the introduction activities

Dear coming first year ELC student!

Welcome to Groningen and welcome to Study Association Esperia, the study association of European Languages and Cultures.

Starting a new study, and to start the academic life, is very exciting, and can even be a bit thrilling. Esperia is here to help you and make sure that you have an awesome start of your studies!

We organise a lot of different introduction activities for you to make new friends, and get to know Groningen and the university. The biggest and most fun activity is our introduction camp!

In the beginning of every academic year we go to one of the islands in the north of the Netherlands. Every year has been a lot of fun, with different fun activities, chilling on the island and the beach, going out and making new friends!

We want to stress that there is no initiation or whatsoever, don’t worry about that.

This year we are going to Schiermonnikoog, an island just north of Groningen. We will arrive there on Friday the 8th of September in the afternoon. From then onwards we will have all kinds of fun activities, where you’re sure to make new friends! The weekend is filled with activities, and it’s almost too short (like every weekend). But we hope that when you’re back home on Sunday the 10th, you can look back at an awesome weekend with your new friends.

The costs for the camp are 60 euros for members, and 70 euros for non-members. This includes the two-night stay, boat tickets, food, drinks, and snacks of course.

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Check out our introduction flyer here, or check out the information book with the packing list for the camp here!

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