*On this page, you will find all the necessary information for the introduction camp and the introduction activities

Dear coming first year ELC student!

Welcome to Groningen and welcome to Study Association Esperia, the study association of European Languages and Cultures. Starting a new study, and to start the academic life, is very exciting, and can even be a bit thrilling. Esperia is here to help you and make sure that you have an awesome start of your studies!

The Introcie of 2018 – 2019 is the committee that has the job to make the introduction period as amazing as possible. They have tried their best in organising great activities for you to have fun at, make new friends and last but not least, to get to know Esperia! Below you can find the agenda for the entire month of September and if you want to have some fun, make sure you sign up! Click here, for the information booklet of the introduction camp, our biggest event during the introduction period. Click here for the flyer of the introduction period!

Tuesday the 31th of August: Crazy 88

As the name already suggests, this activity is crazy! It is a little secret what we are going to do, but we can tell you that this activity will guide you through the University of Groningen and the centre of the city with your mentor group. What can we tell you? You will have a lot of fun and laugh terribly. Be sure to bring your phone!

Thursday the 6th  of September: Pub quiz in collaboration with the University

Test your knowledge during the Pub quiz organised by the Introcie and the RUG at Café Time Out. All first year and Master students of European Languages and Cultures are welcome to join. The questions will somehow be related to European Languages and Cultures and therefore a nice evening is guaranteed. Our personal advice? Have dinner with your mentor group in advance and then join us all together! The quiz will start at 8 o’clock at Grand Café Time Out and there will be no entrance fee.

The weekend of 7th-9th of September: Introduction camp on Schiermonnikoog

Make sure you don’t miss this weekend, because it will be so much fun! The introduction camp is designed to make all first year students feel welcome. During the weekend, you will meet new people and make friends. Getting to know Esperia will help you for the rest of study. The weekend will be full of awesome activities and games and it does not have any kind of hazing (ontgroening) or initiation activities. This weekend is supposed to be fun and relaxed only. It will cost €60,- for members and €65,- for non members. You can sign up for the introduction camp of the academic year ’18-’19 via this link.

Wednesday the 12th of September: Jump XL

Release your inner child and show off your acrobatic skills, because on September 12 we will go to Jump XL, a trampoline park! Not convinced yet? A lot of fun is guaranteed and a nice extra is that you will burn some calories (maybe nice after all the beer/wine/cola). It is free to attend for members and will only cost €3,- for non members. Here you can sign up for this activity.

Thursday the 20th of September: Laser gaming

It is time for you to show your inner James Bond! We will go to Target Lasergame Groningen and the only thing you have to do is let yourself go completely. It will be fun, energetic and exciting and you get the chance to compete with your new friends: show them who is the true winner! The activity will only cost €3,- for members and €3,- for non members and you can sign up here.

Wednesday 26th of September: Final party

Celebrate the new friends and all the nice memories you have made during your first month at the Final party. The party will take place at Café Het Pakhuis and it will be a perfect way to end the first month together and to start the rest of your year! Theme? To be announced…

If you have any questions, you can always email us at More questions that are not related to the introduction period specifically? Email us at

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