Pet picture contest!

Pet picture contest!

Dear Esperians,

As you may have seen in the newsletters, Facebook posts and website posts, we have been holding a competition for all Esperians to see who has the cutest/funniest or overall best quarantine buddy. We realise that not everyone has a pet, so this competition included stuffed animals and plants, which many people treat like pets anyway. The owner of the winning pet will receive a free Esperia tote-bag! The participants have also added a small story that goes along with their pets. If you want to read them, you can either visit our website or Facebook! You can vote until the 17th of May.

Click the following link to vote for your favourite picture!

Enjoy all the cute little faces!
Much love from the board.

Dear Esperians,

As you may have seen in the newsletter, we are holding a competition for all Esperians to see who has the cutest/funniest or overall best quarantine buddy. We realise that not everyone has a pet, so this competition includes stuffed animals and plants, which many people treat like pets anyway. If you want to win an Esperia tote bag, send a picture with a short text (70 words) to before the 25th of April. Your (stuffed) animal or plant will be featured in our newsletter and on our social media, so you will also brighten the day of Esperians with it 😃

Hello! I am Bernini and I live in Friesland with Gerjanne’s parents. Gerjanne named me after an Italian artist, I am not sure why, but I like it when she calls me ‘nini’ or ‘ber-ber’. Her father always calls me ‘mormel’, which I like a little less, but I know he loves me because everybody does! I love cuddling, hunting and eating the potatoes that Gerjanne’s mother tries to peel. Xoxo Bernini. 

Hey there, I am Boomer and I live with Kim and her family. I am always together with my brother Spike, but when he gets attention I have to get in front of him since people should only pet me. I also love to play with my toys, particularly with my blue frisbee! Whenever I play with it I just don’t want to let it go. Sadly I have to return it to my owners after a while, otherwise I would probably break it.

Hector is a sweet and cosy cat. He lives at my (Midas) mom’s place. Hector (or Torhec as I sometimes like to call him) is about seven years old. He is clumsy as hell. He has destroyed multiple family belongings, amongst which a bowl that had been in our family since the 18th century. But still, he’s a lovely creature, he will always join you when you sit down on the couch.

Henlo frens, my name is Cody and I’m Marks best friend! I’m really happy he’s home with us in Klazienaveen most of the time these days, although I don’t exactly know why? Here you see a picture of me on my 15th birthday and I’ll turn 16 the 29th of May this year, which makes me a pretty old boi. Nevertheless, I am still a (very stubborn) puppy by heart and I still enjoy going for a walk. My other hobbies include sleeping and begging for more treats and attention! A big mlerm from me and stay healthy!

Hello, my name is Puck (a.k.a. Puckie, Pukkel or Ukkepuk)! I’m an African grey parrot and I love to show to Julia how pretty I am! I am around 20 years old, but that doesn’t mean anything; my kind can reach the age of 80! Through a varied diet of cookies, nuts, seeds and sips of coffee, I will become a grandpa birdie for sure. See you all later folks, koppie krauw!

Hi! We’re Milo and Guusje and we live with Joosje’s family. We’re 6 months old and we LOVE chasing dangerous prey like straws, chargers, or toes. You might have seen us before, as Joosje tends to channel her inner David Attenborough and chase us around with a camera all day. Milo’s favourite activity is nearly falling off things, and Guusje’s is doing somersaults while chasing his own tail. We’re meowta here.

Hi everyone, my name is Wisnu and I’m Rosalie’s best friend and teammate during competitions. As you can see, I love to eat grass and smile for the camera! I also have a little sea horse on my forehead, so actually I’m two horses in one. Rosalie and I used to go to a lot of jumping competitions which I always won because I’m the best showjumper there is, and I’m not lying! But because of a severe injury, I was sent to heaven and now I am running (and eating!) on the everlasting meadows. I may not be around anymore, but I will not be forgotten! So cheer up everyone and eat some grass while the sun still shines 🙂

Hello, there fellow Esperians!
My name is Cordyline and I’m the favourite tropical plant of Lizelot. This is me in my younger days when my leaves were still all green and pink. Lizelot and I are having a wonderful time together and also her ex-boyfriends admired me. That’s why she had to break up with them. She understands them tho because she loves me more too.
Stay healthy! Love, Cordyline.

Hey! My name is Rogelio and I live in huize Vitamine with Mark and Mila. Every day is another beautiful day to be Rogelio. My hobbies include watching myself in the mirror, staring in telenovelas and tweeting. 
Cheers, Rogelio de la Vita.

My name is Toot, I live with Sander and his family. I am just new to this world and it turns out I choose a shitty time to be born, but luckily Sander and especially his sister Corine are treating me very well. I can even go inside!! I like eating and running around and eating and I also really like to eat. Stay safe, eat healthy and bye-bye!

Hello! I am Billy, Bart’s dog, and I am glad I was selected to be featured here. I can get quite affectionate with my family, which is why they often call me the ‘third child.’ I don’t care what we are doing, as long as I can spend time with my family, but some of my favourite things have to be taking long walks on the beach and relaxing in the sun. See ya later!

This is Harry, Harry is a beautiful golden palm that reminds our Commissioner of External Affairs that the outside world is still there when she will get out of this quarantine. At the moment this is her Quarantine buddy as she cannot go to her parents because she doesn’t want to make them sick. She does miss her cats but Harry is a good alternative.

I am Amy, one of Marijn’s family dogs. I am named after Ms. Winehouse herself and I am currently 8 years old. When Marijn returned home for quarantine I was very happy. Together with the other dogs Loekie & Nite we go on walks, but I also take loooooong ass walks with Marijn alone, so he
can get some exercise too. I love taking long walks where I can be free and explore nature.

I present to you: Bobby, (also known as – the Bobmaster). Named after Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier from Edinburgh who was extremely loyal to his boss; he spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner. I’d like to think that our doggo is as loyal as he was, however, this picture shows more of his mental side. Even though he might look like a happy camper, I’d like to add that he detests children and everything that brings them joy 😅

My name is Bowie (after the great David Bowie) Bakker and I am the family dog of Stijn and his family. I love my family and humans in general but I do not like other dogs as much, all attention should go to me after all. My favourite thing to do is retrieving a thrown object, because of the whole corona situation, there is luckily much more time for that now! Cheers!

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