Programme Committee

The Programme Committee explains what it does and how to contact them here:
The Programme Committee consists of six students and six teachers. The committee is occupied with the quality and the organisation of the study. Members of the Programme Committee can give advice about the current state of the programme, or future changes in the programme. We meet about five times a year. For the preparation of the meetings we read the policy plans and we analyze them critically. We always do that with the best interest of the students at heart.

Besides that, the members of the Programme Committee are the contact points for students with questions or complaints about the programme. In that way, any disputes between students and the programme can be solved more personally.
Members of the Programme Committee are therefore able to influence the programme policy and they are the link between students and the policy makers. Together with study association Esperia we organize the Evaluation Platform (Alice of Esperia on Facebook) where you can give comments and ask question about the programme and the exams.

Students that are part of the Programme Committee 2019-2020 are:

  • Loura Kruger
  • Anahita Gupta
  • Paula Möbius
  • Brent Bos
  • Miriam Weigand
  • Ludmilla Kristen