Third ETCetera out now!

Third ETCetera out now!

Update 08/06/2020

Hi everyone!🌈

This is it! The last ETCetera of this academic year, and of this committee. Creating this magazine has been an extremely fun and educative experience, and we would like to thank everyone that helped us make the ETCetera a great success this year! 💖 (In fact, we have heard rumours that Koos is considered as TIME Person of the Year because of your amazing support).

With no further sentimental fuss, here it is! Enjoy some great modelling by Koos, an awesome article about Highland dancing and the would-be trip to Copenhagen. Esperians can read an online version of the ETCetera here:
So this summer, don’t forget to Move That Ass, so we can all start the new academic year with steel buns.💥

Signing off!
Much love and koala-kisses,
Koos and his Editorcie🐨🌿

Update 02/06/2020

Hi everyone!

In one terribly long week, we will finally get the last ETCetera of this year.
We, the Editorcie, are making the last preparations to make everything more than perfect for our last edition. I can promise you, this one is our grand finale, and we as a committee will be going out with a bang.🔥
As promised, the title of this edition is:

“Move that ass!”💃

Indeed, shake that booty and give your couch a rest (seriously, get up). This time, we’ll be bringing you Koos in home-isolation (incl. but not limited to philosophical perspectives on puzzles and a serious Netflix addiction), Raoul discovering his inner grandpa, ANOTHER absolutely BANGING playlist, and bomb pictures of our beloved Esperia members ;).📸
Koos hopes everyone is staying safe and eating enough eucalyptus leaves to stay hydrated!!🌿

See ya in a week.
Much love and koala-kisses,
Koos and his Editorcie💖

Update 25/05/2020

Hi everyone!

On the 8th of June, you’ll all be blessed the last ETCetera of this academic year, and of this committee. This time, we’re doing stuff a bit differently. Since there is no way for us to hand out the magazine in real life, this one will only be available online.😔

However, I can promise you, that just like the last two editions, this one will be legendary (if not mythical). 🌈
In the next updates, I will be revealing the theme of this edition, so look out for those!

Much love and koala-kisses,
🐨Koos and his Editorcie🐨

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