Updates on the COVID-19 virus

Updates on the COVID-19 virus


Dear members,

We hope you are still all healthy and doing well. In regards to our previous COVID-19 update, we promised you that we would keep you updated. All our physical activities which would take place before the 1st of June, are cancelled. However, in order to keep the social aspect of Esperia active, we will provide you with new online activities. Keep an eye out for our website, Facebook and Instagram for more updates regarding online activities!

Hope to see your faces again soon via the virtual world.
Much love from the board 💙


Dear members,

We hope you are all healthy and doing well. We have received more information about the virus and the regulations regarding COVID-19. With that in mind we, the board, have decided to cancel all activities up until the 10th of April.
When we have more information you will hear from us again.

With kind regards,
the Board.


Dear members,

As you have probably noticed, the university is taking more precautions regarding the coronavirus. We, the board, don’t want to put your health in unnecessary danger, which is why we have decided to cancel all of our remaining events in March. We will try to reschedule these events for later in the year.

When we have more information we will update you.

With kind regards,
the board of Esperia.


Dear Esperians,

Due to the recent changes of regulation by the RIVM that apply to the entirety of the Netherlands we thought it would be smart to put everything that is relevant for Esperia here for you guys.

Unless there are new developments, our events will not be cancelled because we do not have many events that have the attendance of 100 people or more. Regarding the Alphabet Party; as this event has more than 100 participants it will, unfortunately, be cancelled. You will receive an email about this with all the information if you have signed up for this event.

We will keep you up to date if there are any further developments on the guidelines set by the RIVM. If you have any questions you can find the new guidelines here (in English): https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19/questions-and-answers#039;s%20Novel%20coronavirus%20in%20China

Hope you are all feeling well, but if not just adhere to those guidelines and all should be fine.

Lots of love,

The board.