Dear Esperians,

With SponsorKliks you can now make a financial contribution to Esperia, without it costing you an extra cent!

Order Thuisbezorgd online via Sponsorkliks and Esperia will receive money for this in the club’s cashier. Major web stores such as Coolblue, Easytoys, Booking.com and Expedia are also participating. A percentage of the purchase amount goes to Esperia. And again, it won’t cost you anything extra!

Do you also want to sponsor Esperia for FREE? Then make sure that from now on you make your online purchases via the Sponsor Clicks page of Esperia. It’s hardly any trouble for you, but for Esperia it’s direct income. <3 Also, it is totally anonymous, Esperia receives the money without knowing who shopped where.

So help us out and download the Chrome Extension!

How does it work?

Very simple. Webshops pay a commission for every order placed through SponsorKliks.com. They deposit 75% of this commission into the Esperia bank account. Whether you go directly to Thuisbezorgd, for example, or you go via SponsorKliks.com to the Thuisbezorgd site, you pay the same. Only in the latter case Thuisbezorgd will remit a commission to us and will Esperia profit directly!

The Board

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