Winner of the Battle of Esperia!

Winner of the Battle of Esperia!

Dearest Esperians,

We, as the seventh board of Esperia, have one final announcement for you. 📣 During the year of 2019-2020, our wonderful committees have battled hard to gain the most committee points in order to win the Battle of Esperia. You might have heard it yesterday during our General Members Assembly, but we would like to announce it once again. The winners of the Battle of Esperia ’19-’20 are…

(drumrolls please)

The Travel Committee!

Throughout the year, the Travel Committee has worked hard to complete their task of organising the annual trip for you, wonderful members. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, they could not take us to the wonderful land of kransekake, Madds Mikkelsen and legos. 🇩🇰 None the less, they went to all socials, shined in their pretty costumes and even prepared a meal for the board! 🍴

The seventh board would like to thank all committees for their hard work during this strange but amazing year. Without you, Esperia wouldn’t be what it is today. Committees, rock on! 🤘

Much love,The board of ’19-’20 💙

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