5-5-5 Challenge

5-5-5 Challenge

Hi fellow Esperians,

Now that the days are getting longer, curfew is no more, and temperatures are rising, we all need a good excuse to leave the house for a bit and enjoy the weather outside. Lucky for you, the Charicie is back with another fun challenge that can be used as a perfect excuse! Inspired by last-years success we are doing another 5-5-5 challenge! 🥳

Here’s what you do:

  1. Walk/run/etc. 5 km
  2. Donate €5,- to het Overweeghuis
  3. Post about it in your insta stories & tag 5 Esperians!

Because we want to set a good example, the Charicie will start this challenge themselves and tag the first few others to participate. In turn, these people will tag others and the cycle continues ~ forever ~ – or at least for a while. 😊 So keep close watch of your Instagram stories, because who knows when it’s your turn to join the challenge!
Here is the form to donate! https://forms.gle/hYFpTg2j7w3FpDpr8

Good luck and enjoy!
Hugs, the Charicie

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