Advisory Council

Hi fellow Esperians,

We are the Advisory Council of Esperia, an independent body of the association. We advise and support the current board on all kinds of matters within the association. They can come and talk to us whenever they need to, but so can you! We also function as a grievance committee, which means that if you have any grievances, complaints or concerns regarding the association, fellow members or the board, you can report to us. We will deal with your concerns discretely and if necessary without interference from the board.

Again, we are independent and any contact will remain confidential. Feel free to contact us at or drop by when you see us around the harmony building.

    • Annemarie Herbschleb – Commissioner of External Affairs, board VII
    • Mark van Huizen – Chair, board VIII
    • Marijn Meijer – Commisioner of Internal Affairs, board VIII
    • Celine Prins – Secretary & Commissioner of External Affairs, board IX
    • Julia Ratering – Secretary, board V
    • Vera Spanjer – Chair, board VI

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