Audit Committee

Audit Committee

Hello, we are this year’s Audit Committee! This committee checks the association’s finances and supports the Treasurer wherever possible. Together with the treasurer we hold monthly meetings in which we go over the expenses and incomes we had the previous month, we keep track of the complete financial situation of Esperia and we discuss issues and questions the Treasurer (or the Board in general) might have regarding the finances. It is not possible to apply for this committee, as the Auditcie ensures its own continuation together with the Treasurer, and members are usually expected to have a certain previous knowledge or interest when it comes to finances. If you have any questions regarding our work, or financial questions which you think the treasurer is not able to answer, make sure to contact us.

  • Chair – Roelieke Nijland – Treasurer of Board IX
  • Annie Algra – Chair and Commissioner of internal relations of Board X
  • Thom Dieleman – Treasurer of the Languagecie ’23-’24
  • Dominic Kuize – Treasurer of Board XXXIII of Study Association EPU – External Member



Auditcie 2023-2024
F.L.T.R. Dominic, Annie, Roelieke & Thom

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