Confidential Advisors

Hi everyone!

My name is Julia Ratering (she/her), I have been active within Esperia in different committees and the board and this year I will be one of the confidential advisors. I finished the BA ELC and am currently enrolled in the MA of education for the German language and culture. If there’s ever anything you would like to talk about you can contact me via or come to me in person.

Dear Esperians,

My name is Axel Ribovici and I will be this year’s Confidential Advisor. For those of you who do not know me, I am a 4th year student from Romania who had her fair share of struggles getting used to student life. I can’t promise I have all the right answers but if you ever feel like you want to talk to somebody and hear an outside perspective on the things that stress you out, you can always email me at

Confidential advisor 1

FLTR: Julia Ratering, Axel Ribovici

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