Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee (Editorcie) is in charge of the writing and designing of our own magazine, the ETCetera. The ETCetera is released 3 times a year. For every new magazine the Editorcie comes up with a new general theme, writes content and collects photos for the ETCetera, and asks interesting people to write articles.

  • Chair – Lina Amelung (she/her)
  • Secretary – Wiktoria Pieczara (she/her)
  • Treasurer & Vice-Chair – Axel Ribovici (she/her)
  • Commissioner of Acquisition & Promotion  – Chiara Barone (she/her)
  • Final Editor – Jack Mc Elligott (he/him)

E-mail: editorcie@svesperia.nl

Editorcie 2023-2024
F.L.T.R. Chiara, Jack, Axel, Lina & Wiktoria

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