Fitness Committee

The Fitness Committee (Fitcie) is Esperia’s newest committee and organises fun sport related activities like a football tournament. Together with the Fitcie Esperia also will participates in the Batavierenrace 2024. The Fitcie also motivates members to stay active by for example training together for the Batavierenrace. 

  • Chair – Roelieke Nijland (she/her)
  • Secretary – Friederike Rolfes (she/her)
  • Treasurer – Finley Hutchinson (he/him)
  • Commissioner of Acquisition – Hugo van den Heiligenberg (he/him)
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Joep Gerrits (he/him)
  • Vice-Chair – Axel Ribovici (she/her)


Fitcie 2023-2024
F.L.T.R. Joep, Roelieke, Axel, Friederike, Finley & Hugo

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