This year the ACTcie will consist of members of multiple associations: Commotie, Esperia, GHD Ubbo Emmius, IK and Siduri. The academic year 2021-2022 will serve as a pilot year for this external committee. The ACTcie consists of one member of every association that is participating in the organisation of the Grote Letteren Toneelstuk.

The ACTcie of 2021-2022 consists of:

  • Ruben Mekkering – Chair (UBBO Emmius)
  • Mai Valk – Secretary (Esperia)
  • Paul Zengerink – Treasurer (UBBO Emmius)
  • Marjorie Cuny – PR (Commotie)
  • Coen Postema – Vice-Chair (Siduri)
  • Marieke Voogt – Director’s Assistent (IK)