Lustrum committee
In April 2023 we will all be celebrating Esperia’s second lustrum, and of course there has to be a committee that organises this special event. The Lustrumcie is the committee that is responsible for this, and they will make sure this week will be unforgettable! In the beginning of the next academic year, new members will complete this committee, but for now the Lustrumcie 2022-2023 consists of:

  • Chair – Annemarie Herbschleb
  • Secretary – Alant Loonstra
  • Treasurer – Roelieke Nijland
  • Commissioner of Acquisition – Hugo van den Heiligenberg and Mark Pol
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Kim Speelman
  • Vice-Chair – Ruben Feddes
  • Commissioner of Activities – Roxan Ros

Watch the lustrum theme announcement trailer here!