Editorial committee
The Editorcie publishes a magazine with both amusing and serious content: the ETCetera. The ETCetera is usually published three times a year, but last year even four times! Different tasks are divided over the Editorcie members: writing articles, working on the lay-out, looking for sponsors, brainstorming about articles and subjects, getting in touch with the publisher and combinations of the tasks mentioned above.

The Editorcie of 2022-2023 consists of:

  • Ruben Feddes – Chair
  • Tiara Ruidavet – Secretary
  • Stijn Bakker – Treasurer
  • Anne-Roos Peters – Commissioner of Acquisition and Vice-Chair
  • Bart Hans – Commissioner of Promotion
  • Paula Divic – Final Editor

The Editorcie can be reached via editorcie@svesperia.nl.