Battle of Esperia

This year, the sixths year of the Battle of Esperia will commence. The Battle of Esperia is a perfect way to make all the active members excited for the activities that will take place throughout the academic year. The battle has a point system that allows committees to obtain points for presence at activities but also for creative and fun situations like organising a dinner date with the board. The participants have to get as many points as possible during the academic year. The Battle of Esperia has a Google Drive document with the rules for receiving points that will be available for the committees to look into. The scores will be posted on the private Esperia Facebook group, which is only accessible to active members, at least every two months. The score will also be emailed to all of the participating bodies. These bodies are all the committees and the Advisory Council.

Current score as of 1-11-2022:

  • Lustrumcie –
  • Accie –
  • Languagecie –
  • Charicie –
  • Introcie –
  • Almanaccie –
  • Audit –
  • AC –
  • Travelcie –
  • Editorcie –
  • Careercie –