Information about Groningen

On this page you can find some information about the city of Groningen and studying ELC in Groningen.

Groningen is a vibrant student city, where students from the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences make up approximately 25% of the population. Because of the large number of students, Groningen truly is a city that never sleeps. Especially since bars do not have official closing times and you can party as long as you want! Whether you are a crazy party animal, or you enjoy culture and art, Groningen has it all. Next to a large variety of bars and clubs Groningen also has some quiet places and parks like “Het Noorderplantsoen or Stadspark” And amazing swimming possibilities at “Stadsstrand or Hoornseplas”  

The Faculty of Arts from the University of Groningen is located right in the city centre, neighbouring the University Library, tons of little cafes and restaurants, and the main shopping area. The Academy building is the university’s oldest building, characterised by the magnificent architecture. In front of this building, you can find the University Library, where many students spend most of their days studying, socialising, and sleeping. The Harmony Complex is home to the ELC department, and therefore also a second home to ELC students. Besides the weekly seminars and lectures, the ETC department as well as study association Esperia organises numerous events throughout the year that will contribute to your academic career and broaden your horizon while studying in Groningen. 

Groningen has a broad selection of cultural activities, varying from festivals to museums and theatre companies. The “Groninger Museum” is not only known for its particular architecture, but mostly for the diversity of the exhibitions. Students from the University of Groningen get a discount on the entrance fee. The University of Groningen also has its own museum in the academic heart of the city, with a collection consisting of many components, such as nature, culture and science. The admission for RUG students is free. USVA is the Cultural Student Center of the University of Groningen. Not only do they organise weekly events, such as theatre shows, but they also support and encourage students in developing themselves and inspiring them with art and culture. RUG students can enrol in various courses which will stimulate their creativity. Furthermore, Groningen is the host of multiple festivals, such as “Stadspark Live”, “Kingsland”  and the “Noorderzon” festival. The University of Groningen has published a complete list of the cultural events in Groningen here

Besides studying you also have many opportunities to play sports in Groningen. The ACLO is the overarching student sports organisation in Groningen. They offer over 40 different kinds of sports, varying from soccer and tennis to wakeboarding and mixed martial arts. The almost 50 different sports associations in Groningen provide students with a welcome distraction from their studies, for they do not only focus on competitions, but also on the social aspects of sports. Next to that there are a lot of different gyms in Groningen and almost all of them have special offers and discounts for students. Some gyms are even open 24/7 so you can always go to the gym. 

Many inhabitants of Groningen will praise the city for its vibrant nightlife, with an always pleasant atmosphere and countless clubs, pubs and bars. Thursday is known as the students’ night out, but due to the great number of students in Groningen, most clubs and bars are open every night, and crawling with students! Whether you like a quiet place to enjoy some beers with your closest friends, or like dancing to the newest tracks in a club packed with strangers, Groningen is the place to be.

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