The Activities Committee (Accie) organises a social every month. Every social has a different theme and the Accie is responsible for the promotion and decoration for this activity. At the end of the year, the Accie and the Charicie collaborate in the organising of the End of the Year BBQ. This year the Accie consists of 6 people:

  • Chair – Jildou van der Woude
  • Secretary – Tessa Suijling
  • Treasurer – Roelieke Nijland
  • Commissioner of Acquisition – Christoph Kloppenburg
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Axel Ribovici
  • Vice-Chair – Celine van den Berg


Accie 2022-2023  
F.L.T.R. Tessa, Christoph, Celine, Jildou, Roelieke & Axel