The Hitchhike Committee (Hitchhikecie) is an external committee, this means the committee is formed with members from different associations. This year the Hitchhikecie consisted of members from EPU, Esperia & ZaZa.

The Hitchhikecie organises an annual hitchhike weekend to a location somewhere in Europe. The participants need to hitchhike to the location and on location the Hitchhikecie has prepared some activities to do in the secret destination. The last hitchhike weekend went to Cologne, Germany. 

  • Chair – Emma van Ottele (EPU)
  • Secretary – Sander van Duin (Esperia)
  • Treasurer – Mark Wesley (Esperia)
  • Commissioner of Acquisition – Szófi Bosma (ZaZa)
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Anne Zomer (EPU)
  • Vice-Chair – Iris Frijlink (ZaZa)

E-mail: lift@svepu.nl


Hitchhikecie 2022-2023
F.L.T.R. Iris, Sander, Emma, Anne, Mark, Szófi