This year, Esperia exists for 10 years and therefoer Esperia is celebrating it’s second lustrum! The Lustrum Committee (Lustrumcie) is organising a lustrum week filled with many different activities with the theme “Esperia is going to the movies”. Activities include a boat trip, a movie afternoon, a gala and much more!

  • Chair – Annemarie Herbschleb
  • Secretary – Alant Loonstra
  • Treasurer – Roelieke Nijland
  • Commissioners of Acquisition – Mark Pol & Hugo van den Heiligenberg
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Kim Speelman
  • Commissioner of Activities – Roxan Ros
  • Vice-Chair – Ruben Feddes


Lustrumcie 2022-2023
F.L.T.R. Alant, Ruben, Hugo, Roelieke, Roxan, Kim, Mark, Annemarie