The Travel Committee (Travelcie) organises an annual trip abroad. The travel destination is different every year and the Travelcie tries to find a nice location somewhere in Europe. The Travelcie is responsible for organising the trip, activities at the location, the travel details and more! Some of the travel destinations from the last few years are: Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Edinburgh, Krakow, Prague, Rome and Vilnius.

  • Chair – Mark Pol
  • Secretary – Tessa Suijling
  • Treasurer – Celine van den Berg
  • Commissioner of Acquisition – Nadine de Leeuw
  • Commissioner of Promotion – Tiara Ruidavet
  • Vice-Chair – Vera Spanjer


Travelcie 2022-2023
F.L.T.R. Vera, Celine, Mark, Tiara, Tessa, Nadine