Councils within the University

University Council
Within the University Council, there is a student section and a staff section which both consist of twelve seats. This gives the Council a total of 24 seats. The distribution of seats varies each year; in the academic year of 2021-2022, the distribution is as follows:

For more information about their political views, you can visit their websites by clicking on the links provided. 

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council is the highest representative body within the Faculty of Arts. It is the task of this Council to supervise and advise the board of the Faculty. The Council itself consists of 9 staff members and 9 student members. All the staff members are reunited within one faction, the personnel faction. The 9 student members are divided between two student parties, respectively Democratic Academy Groningen Arts and Letteren Vooruit.

In the current situation, Democratic Academy Groningen Arts has three seats and Letteren Vooruit has six seats within the Faculty Council. To elaborate on the difference between the parties, it can be said that the focus of DAG Arts mainly lies on the possible enlargement of the power of the Faculty Council and the reformation of the Council. They also keep a close eye on the internationalization of our Faculty. Letteren Vooruit not only focuses on the problems that arise for non-Dutch students at our Faculty, they also focus on the mental health of Arts-students. Besides this, they focus on the possibility for students to be active in associations next to their studies. Furthermore, Letteren Vooruit wants to make the Faculty as inclusive as possible and therefore strives for a low stimulus room in the renovated harmony building for students with a learning disability.

More information on both parties can be found on their websites by clicking the links provided.