Epuria Conference

Academy Building: Geerstemazaal Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26, Groningen, Groningen

Dear Esperians, Next week it's time for the Epuria conference under the name: The Image of Russia - External Relations and Media. Our four speakers, Dr. Olsen, PhD candidate Olga Pasitselska, Dr Jelfs, and Dr. Van Koningsbrugge, will each give a lecture on this topic. With the Russian-Ukrainian war it is extra important and interesting …

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Think Tank #3

Harmony Building: 1312.0024 Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26, Groningen, Groningen

Dear Esperians, It's time for our 3rd Think Tank of the academic year already! Do you feel you have input useful for our association or want to just share your thoughts?🧐 Then come join our Think Tank on April 5th in the Harmony Building, room 1312.0024 from 19.00 untill 22.00! Several topics will be discussed, …

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Dear Esperians, From the 12th till the 18th of April it is time to celebrate Esperia's second lustrum. This lustrumweek is filled with amazing activities so keep an eye out on our socials. There are still some passe partouts available. So be sure to order one! Keep in mind that with a passe partout you …

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Lustrumweek: Dies social

't Gat van Groningen Poelestraat 51, Groningen, Groningen

We start the lustrumweek with our Dies social to celebrate Esperia's birthday! Come and join us!

Lustrumweek: Movie Time

The theme of our second lustrum is "Going to the movies" and therefore the Lustrumcie takes us to the movies!

Lustrumweek: Cantus

A.S.V. Dizkartes Peperstraat 21, Groningen, Groningen

After the movie afternoon we will have a traditional cantus!

Lustrumweek: Hangover brunch

After having a cantus the night before the Lustrumcie provides us with a well deserved hangover brunch.

Lustrumweek: Family day

On the Sunday of the lustrumweek it is time for the family day. Invite your friends, sister and parents to let them get to know Esperia.

Lustrumweek: Boat tour

On the 17th of April we go on a boattour and discover Groningen from a water perspective.