Minor abroad Buddy System

The board of Esperia and the ELC Minor abroad coordinators have set up a Buddy system for the ELC minor abroad. Our aim with this system is to connect second-year students, that want to go abroad for their minor, with a student that has already been abroad. This student will be your buddy throughout the application process, which consist of applying for three universities, signing up for courses and signing your learning agreement. You can also ask them question  about bureaucracy, housing, the neighbourhood or the city itself.

If you’re a second-year student that wants to go abroad in the first semester of the next academic year, you can fill out this Google Form and we will bring you in contact with someone that has experience with going abroad.

If you’re a student that has already been abroad and is interested in helping a second-year student by sharing their experiences, you can sign up to become a buddy through this Google Form.

These forms have no closing date but if you are interested we kindly ask you to fill it out before the Minor Abroad information sessions which will be held November next.

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