Student Support by Esperia

Are you moving to Groningen and you do not know where to start in terms of arranging practical matters concerning your stay here? Or do you already live in Groningen and you are in need of some more practical information concerning important letters of, for example, the government, your health insurance or anything else? We are here to help!
The Student Support by Esperia helps you to find your way around matters you may encounter when moving to Groningen. Think of  letters from the government and practical housing issues, but you can also send us your questions concerning healthcare and insurances. Do you have a question regarding another topic and are you unsure if we are able to help you? Just send us an email via
If you want us to look at a document please attach it to your email.

Please remember that we are not professional problem solvers, so we won’t be able to solve everything. If you want to talk to someone about a confidential matter please contact the confidential advisor. If you have a conflict with Esperia or the board, please contact the Advisory Council. Furthermore, the Student Support is an advisory committee and, therefore, is not responsible for any consequences that might arise from your issue.

Student Support by Esperia for the year 2021-2022 consists of:

Hedwig Rademaker
Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-chair, board 2015-2016.

Maud Reimink
Commissioner of Public Relations, board 2018-2019.

Mila Vroom

Commissioner of External Affairs & Vice-chair, board 2018-2019.