Student Support by Esperia

Dear Esperians,
We are Vera and Mark, former board members of Esperia, and as of this year, we will also function as the Student Support offered by Esperia. We are there for all kinds of questions. Think of housing in Groningen, letters sent to you by the government, health care, insurances, bank issues and other practical matters. Is your matter not something official, but just a general question about living on your own for the first time? Like how does your washing machine work, how does stuff work in Groningen or how do you make the perfect Espresso Martini? You can ask us anything!
Please remember that we are not professional problem solvers, but our experience can help us out: Vera has been in the University Council and works for Lefier (housing corporation), while Mark works for the municipalities of Eemsdelta and Westerkwartier. If we don’t have the solution, we can always refer you to the right person or organisation.
Do you need help with arranging things during your stay in Groningen? Feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to, or ask a board member for one of our phone numbers! If you would like us to look at a document/letter, you may also attach this to your message.
A small disclaimer: the Student Support is an advisory body and, therefore, is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for any consequences that might arise from your issue.

FLTR: Vera Spanjer, Mark Pol

Student Support by Esperia for the year 2022-2023 consists of:

Vera Spanjer
Chair, board 2018-2019.

Mark Pol
Commissioner of External Affairs, board 2016-2017.