Grimm und Kluge

Grimm und Kluge was founded in 1958 by Students of the programme German Literature and Culture. Until 2013 Grimm und Kluge was the study association for the study German Language and Culture, with the arrival of European Languages and Cultures and Study Association Esperia, Grimm und Kluge became a society within Esperia. Grimm und Kluge organises fun activities related to the German language and culture. Besides the academic activities, Grimm und Kluge has also some non-academic activities such as going to a Christmas market with your fellow peers and friends, having a good German beer tasting, and of course, the famous Oktoberfest cannot miss out. A yearly trip to Germany is a must, it is a splendid way to maintain our German skills or be able to learn some basic German. This academic year, the 65th society board of Grimm und Kluge (We are still doing research on the fact that GK was founded in ’58, but that we are the 65th board. Don’t mind us. Counting is not our strength as language students) wants to increase the focus to Austria and Switzerland as well. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun, organising German related activities academic and non-academic for everyone who is interested in it.

The society board of 2020-2021 consists of:

  • Marije van Beveren – Chair
    Marije holds the position of Chair of Grimm und Kluge and is in her fourth year of European Languages and Cultures and her first year of Psychology. Within European Languages and Cultures, she focussed on Swedish and linguistics and spent a semester abroad in Gothenburg, but she also loves the German language.
  • Romy Dekker – Vice-Chair
    Romy is Vice-Chair and in her third year of European Languages and Cultures, majoring in German and linguistics. Besides that, she is interested in (student) politics and was also active in this field, enjoys long walks with her dog and has a great passion for music from the ’60s and ’80s.
  • Geanne Kroes – Secretary
    Geanne is the secretary of Grimm und Kluge. She is in her second year of European Languages and Cultures and is mainly interested in European politics. Besides her major in German, she also has a passion for the Swedish language and culture. In the field of the German language, she is mainly interested in Germany’s history and Germany’s foreign affairs.
  • Yanniek Moll  – Commissioner of Promotion & Commissioner of Acquisition
    Within the Grimm und Kluge Board, Yanniek holds the position of Commissioner of Acquisition and Promotion. She is currently in her second year of European Languages and Cultures and majors in German and European Politics. Besides, she also follows courses within the Literature profile. In the field of the German language, she is mainly interested in Germany’s history and position within the European Union. Alongside her studies, she also works as a German tutor and is a member of the Programme Committee of European Languages and Cultures.
  • Jean-Paul Janssen – Treasurer
    Jean-Paul is the treasurer of Grimm und Kluge. He is in his second year of European Languages and Cultures and is majoring in Spanish and European Politics, besides that he follows courses in (Latin) American studies and Swedish language and culture. Besides being enthusiastic about learning foreign languages he is also keen on political relations between Latin America and Europe, and Switzerland and the EU. In his free time, he likes to read, listen to Reggaeton and German Schlager, and to travel around the globe. Next destination: South America…

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